Detox drinks are excellent for following a weight loss diet, which counteracts the onset of cellulite. Just a few ingredients are needed to create good and effective detox drinks to lose weight, increase the sense of satiety and regulate the metabolism. In this article we want to suggest the best ingredients to lose weight, which allow you to enjoy good drinks, for the palate and for the body.

Prepare for slimming treatments: diet and detox A respectable weight-loss program includes different treatments, but first of all begins with a diet rich in fruit and vegetables , combined with the right spa program gives excellent results: you lose the inches too much, you reduce the swelling and the unsightly cellulite . A body is healthy if it is three hundred and sixty degrees: this is why we must start with the treatments that help the body to expel toxins. A slimming stay includes the enteroclean, that is the washing of the colon to help the intestine to regain its balance and free itself from the waste. The heat baths like sauna and turkish bath, thanks to the sweating, accelerate the processes of expulsion of the slag and, prepare the skin to receive the other anti-cellulite and slimming cosmetic treatments. Slimming treatments: thermal mud and thalassotherapy The ability to stimulate the circulatory system of thermal mud helps reduce cellulite thanks to microcirculation. Relaxing in a heated seawater pool, during a thalassotherapy session, as well as improving circulation, thanks to the salt dissolved in the water promotes the expulsion of liquids that have gone to accumulate under the skin giving a draining and slimming effect.

A basic treatment to detoxify the body. A diet too rich in sugars and proteins, as well as drugs and additives or food preservatives, in the long run alter the normal intestinal flora favoring the development of a pathogenic rot flora that attacks the organism through toxins and toxic metabolites related to it. The intestinal dysbiosis or dismicrobism is a social problem of which many people suffer the effects: general malaise, abdominal swelling, digestive insufficiency, colitis, constipation, halitosis, meteorism, diarrhea, some dermatoses, some hypertension and hypotension, pain in the lower abdomen and many others again. This situation, if not corrected in a short time, leads to repercussions on the general state of the organism, aggravating system diseases and alarming the immune system. At this point, since the only correction of the diet is no longer enough nor the use of supplements or drugs, it is necessary to resort to an effective and easy to implement: the enteroclysm.

A few extra pounds, little energy, tiredness and lack of concentration are often the cause that does not allow us to fully enjoy the rhythm and joy of life. There is probably a state of intoxication that has been established, unbeknownst to us, day after day, often due to an incorrect diet and a too sedentary lifestyle. Our Slimming-Detoxing program begins with a thorough medical examination, complete check-up and the start of detoxifying and hypocaloric diet therapy. An enteroclean (colon cleansing with bacterial flora replacement) followed by an intense program of thermal baths, thalassotherapies, massages. We will also resort to the aid of intravenous perfusions of detoxifiers against free radicals, toxins and toxic blood metabolites;

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