Detox drinks: the best ingredients to lose weight

Detox drinks are excellent for following a weight loss diet, which counteracts the onset of cellulite. Just a few ingredients are needed to create good and effective detox drinks to lose weight, increase the sense of satiety and regulate the metabolism. In this article we want to suggest the best ingredients to lose weight, which allow you to enjoy good drinks, for the palate and for the body.

Detox drinks for weight loss based on water and fruit


Sedentary lifestyle, too fast rhythms and inadequate diet regimes give us stress and anxiety: the body suffers, both inside and outside. To lose weight, deflate and eliminate the liquids that accumulate under the skin, generating the annoying cellulite, we can resort to detox water. The detoxifying drinks based on water are easy to prepare and more suitable for the summer season, when we begin to feel more the need to take care of our appearance and the natural need to hydrate the body. To prepare them, just a few ingredients, which are commonly found at home, are enough to keep them at rest for a few hours. They can be consumed immediately or over a whole day: they are really a concentrate of health! Let’s see what are the most effective ingredients of a good detox drink.

The best ingredients of detoxifying drinks


Nature offers us everything we need to nourish our bodies, but also what we need to eliminate toxic substances and excess fluids. Some of the most effective ingredients for the preparation of slimming drinks are lemon, cucumber and mint. Combined together or with fruit, they are simple components that, by themselves, regenerate our body. 
The lemon is rich in vitamin C and minerals, has a high purifying power, especially when taken in the morning, as well as an excellent antioxidant. It can be considered the basic ingredients of detox drinks.
Cucumber is a vegetable that contains a large water content, so it has diuretic properties. This means that it is excellent for eliminating excess fluids, deflate the abdomen and counteract cellulite. The cucumbers also prevent the accumulation of fat: in short, they are perfect for those who want to lose the extra pounds. 
Mint is a very valid component of detoxifying and slimming drinks, thanks to its diuretic power. In addition to this, mint is a bearer of minerals and vitamins.

The recipes for fruit waters


A classic drink to lose weight is a very fresh mix of the three ingredients lemon, cucumber and mint. Fruit detox drinks make the draining water tastier, where you do not feel the need to add sugar or honey. A perfect recipe for the next season includes a preparation based on strawberries, lemon and mint. Just wash and cut the fruit and mint, put them in a jug full of water, to be left in the fridge for a few hours or even for a whole day.
If you are not a lemon lover, you can add orange wedges or watermelon to the fruit drink. Alternatively, you can replace strawberries with cucumbers. If you love stronger and spicy flavors instead, you can prepare an excellent slimming detox drink based on lemon and ginger. Consumed in the morning before breakfast, it is a drink that helps to counter the sense of hunger during the day. 
Relying on simple and natural preparations, helps to achieve excellent results in terms of health and weight loss.

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