Slimming treatments: goodbye to cellulite

Spa treatments are part of an ancient tradition, of which the Romans were among the first speakers in the Mediterranean. 

Do you know the multiple benefits of the spa? Spa treatments are good for the respiratory tract and the skin! Read the article and find out how a stay in a spa gives back energy and balance to the mind and body, but it can also help you lose weight and say goodbye to cellulite!

Stay at the spa: anti-cellulite slimming treatments


The spa activities include treatments of various kinds and many of these are excellent for purifying the body and reducing the swelling due to water retention . In other words, the spas help to lose weight and reduce cellulite.

Prepare for slimming treatments: diet and detox


A respectable weight-loss program includes different treatments, but first of all begins with a diet rich in fruit and vegetables , combined with the right spa program gives excellent results: you lose the inches too much, you reduce the swelling and the unsightly cellulite .

A body is healthy if it is three hundred and sixty degrees: this is why we must start with the treatments that help the body to expel toxins. A slimming stay includes the enteroclean, that is the washing of the colon to help the intestine to regain its balance and free itself from the waste. The heat baths like sauna and turkish bath, thanks to the sweating, accelerate the processes of expulsion of the slag and, prepare the skin to receive the other anti-cellulite and slimming cosmetic treatments.

Slimming treatments: thermal mud and thalassotherapy


The ability to stimulate the circulatory system of thermal mud helps reduce cellulite thanks to microcirculation. Relaxing in a heated seawater pool, during a thalassotherapy session, as well as improving circulation, thanks to the salt dissolved in the water promotes the expulsion of liquids that have gone to accumulate under the skin giving a draining and slimming effect.

The icing on the cake: slimming massage


Indulging in the pampering of a massage, as well as giving us a few moments of pure relaxation, returns to the tissues tone and firmness, reshaping the areas of the body that need more attention, redistributing the adipose tissue and conveying excess fluid to the lymphatic system so that are expelled.


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