Tips: What is detox and how it works

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Detoxification or d etox :  a word that one often hears when it comes to wellness, but which for many does not have a clear meaning. Let’s find out  what detox is and how this method works for the purification of the organism and its benefits on the mind .

We often hear about the benefits of detox diet and curious detoxing weeks. Surely we have asked ourselves what is detox and precisely how a detoxifying diet works, with the fear that maybe it is a fashion or that you will have to drink only centrifuged for a week or two. None of this, indeed.

The detox is a system that allows you to improve your lifestyle and leave behind (literally) all the toxins that can accumulate during a period of strong physical or emotional stress or, more simply, with bad eating and exercise habits everyday.

But let’s go into the specifics and understand for good if this type of food, physical and psychological approach adapts to one’s own life needs.

What is detox?


First of all it is important to know what is at the base of a detoxifying treatment . Among the various functions of a healthy organism, and which works to its full potential, is to manage the various substances that we voluntarily or involuntarily introduce into the body. These include food, air pollution and various chemicals like drugs.

Much of this workload is done by the liver, which makes sure that the chemicals do not accumulate excessively in the body, avoiding damage to the whole system. When you eat, then, the nutrients are broken down and the waste is filtered by the liver, along with the blood, to be then released into the digestive system, from which they will leave the body in the form of organic waste.

good detox program has two purposes, basically. The first is to intervene on the amount of toxins introduced into the body, improving eating and living habits. This allows to reduce the work of the liver and of the other organs and to lighten the fatigue to which the organism is subjected and reason for which we feel tired. The second purpose is to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs to do its job best. The true effectiveness of a healthy detoxifying diet, in fact, aims to improve this function that the body should perform independently.

Why make a weight loss diet?


Living in the city certainly has its advantages. Everything is close at hand, services are just a few steps from home. In all things, however, there is always the downside: living in a residential area or in the center, for example, means   suffering atmospheric pollution . So the quality of life , however good it may be, will never be perfect in the city. The organism is a machine as efficient as it is extremely delicate. It does not succeed in disposing of this and other types of toxins that accumulate in the body making tired, nervous and sometimes overweight. As the  toxic substances  of everyday life are  overloaded the system, the state of health suffers damage. It is therefore necessary to run for cover: helping the body with a slimming and detoxifying diet is a good solution.

A correct detox program , strictly followed with the help of a specialized medical staff, can help the body to clean up and reactivate. 

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