Useful: Detox program: how does it work?

A week of wellness to regain fitness and health! Recovers form and physical well-being with a slimming and detoxifying holiday through proper nutrition and without sacrificing taste and perceiving excessive privations, in a location surrounded by greenery, with the benefits of iodine and the sea. 

Detox program

A few extra pounds, little energy, tiredness and lack of concentration are often the cause that does not allow us to fully enjoy the rhythm and joy of life. There is probably a state of intoxication that has been established, unbeknownst to us, day after day, often due to an incorrect diet and a too sedentary lifestyle. Our Slimming-Detoxing program begins with a thorough medical examination, complete check-up and the start of detoxifying and hypocaloric diet therapy. An enteroclean (colon cleansing with bacterial flora replacement) followed by an intense program of thermal baths, thalassotherapies, massages. We will also resort to the aid of intravenous perfusions of detoxifiers against free radicals, toxins and toxic blood metabolites;


A basic treatment to detoxify the body. A diet too rich in sugars and proteins, as well as drugs and additives or food preservatives, in the long run alter the normal intestinal flora favoring the development of a pathogenic rot flora that attacks the organism through toxins and toxic metabolites related to it.

The intestinal dysbiosis or dismicrobism is a social problem of which many people suffer the effects: general malaise, abdominal swelling, digestive insufficiency, colitis, constipation, halitosis, meteorism, diarrhea, some dermatoses, some hypertension and hypotension, pain in the lower abdomen and many others again.

This situation, if not corrected in a short time, leads to repercussions on the general state of the organism, aggravating system diseases and alarming the immune system. At this point, since the only correction of the diet is no longer enough nor the use of supplements or drugs, it is necessary to resort to an effective and easy to implement: the enteroclysm.

The methodology is simple. To clean up the intestine hydrothermal solutions are used enriched with teas and precious oils (rich in vitamins E and F) as well as lactobacilli and inositol, whose blend is strictly personalized and created individually based on the data and symptoms collected from the visit. The treatment will be preceded and followed by the administration of good bacterial flora that, in a completely renewed environment will be able to proliferate and work in a perfectly balanced way. The patient will quickly feel a general well-being. The treatment will then be repeated according to a medical prescription.

Proper intestinal hygiene, accompanied by an appropriate diet, is the basis of a deep and lasting health.

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